The Silent Catalyst: Embracing Acoustics and Noise Control for a Thriving Office Culture

In the modern workplace, fostering a positive and productive culture is paramount. While factors like collaboration, employee engagement, and work-life balance often take center stage, one crucial element is often overlooked: acoustics and noise control. The aural environment within an office space can significantly impact employee well-being, productivity, and overall company culture.   The Noise […]

Rejuvenating Workspaces: The Key to a Thriving Office Culture

In the fast-paced world of modern work, companies are discovering the power of incorporating refresh and rejuvenation zones into their office layouts. These specially designed areas offer employees a much-needed break from the daily grind, allowing them to recharge, reboot, and refocus.   Imagine walking into your office and being greeted by a cozy lounge […]

Purposeful Space Planning for cultivating a Positive workplace culture

Purposeful space planning is paramount for cultivating a thriving workplace culture. Thoughtful layout decisions that account for work activities, employee personalities, and the company’s vision are pivotal in nurturing intended cultural values and boosting overall workplace satisfaction. Space planning that accounts for commercial factors such as maximizing ROI and enabling flexibility is crucial for fostering […]

Remarkable 30-year Journey of Planning Interiors Limited – (The First Decade)

In 1993, Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) embarked on a significant move, transitioning from a residential house to occupying an entire floor at Nation Centre. This strategic decision was a bold statement, positioning NSE in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), accessible to stockbrokers and the public alike.This move marked a crucial milestone in […]

The 30-year Journey of Planning Interiors Limited – The Startings

“The 30-year Journey of Planning Interiors Limited – The Beginnings “ Starting as a department of Planning Systems Services Ltd (PSSL), one the most reputable Architectural firm in East Africa, Planning Interiors Limited has blossomed into a renowned Kenyan-owned professional Interior Design and Project Management company since its incorporation in 1993. 🏢🎨Shaping the Office Landscape:Back […]

Open Society Initiative for EAtern Africa offices- design by Planning Interiors

The Impact of Design on Mental Health well-being in the workplace

“The future of wellbeing at work will see organizations prioritizing the worker experience over current metrics such as occupant density or productivity. One manifestation of this is a corporate environment that is a warmer, inviting, homely space…” ~ Jonathan Hindle, Managing Director, KI Europe ‘People work well when they feel well…..Office designs that promote a relaxed […]

Ikigai co-working Nairobi designed by Planning Interiors Limited

How to Design Sustainable Workplaces

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmentally responsible building and interior design. As a result, more and more clients seek to incorporate sustainability principles in their interiors. We have a tremendous impact on the sustainability of an environment because as Interior Designers, we decide which materials and products will be used where […]

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