Inspired Workplace Design- Boosting Productivity through Innovative Workplace Design Consultancy

We create interior environments where your employees are inspired to succeed.
Our experienced interior designers create workplaces that reinforce your company brand, culture, and improve employee wellbeing and boost productivity.

As leaders in East Africa’s interior design scene, we offer a comprehensive solution. Beyond developing unique design concepts, we engage in fruitful collaborations with international firms specializing in design and project management.
Our approach involves incorporating local context into the design and staying abreast of current design trends, including but not limited to The Living Office, Sustainable Design, Inclusive Design, and Health & Wellness.

Creating impactful solutions

At Planning Interiors Limited, we don’t just design spaces; we bring your aspirations to life. Our dedicated team of interior designers is committed to delivering projects seamlessly, adhering to strict timelines and budgetary constraints. From the inception of the concept to the detailed design of office spaces, we ensure every step aligns with your vision.
Our approach involves working closely with you to understand the nuances of your unique requirements. This collaboration allows our team of workplace consultants and office designers to craft tailored solutions that not only transform your physical space but also positively influence your business dynamics and enhance the work experience for your team

Reimagining your office space

Office designs are continually changing, and everyone needs to adapt to new ways of working. Our workplace consultancy specialists will help you transition into new ways of working alongside our designers.

Our office interior design team help to reimagine your office space, from practical workspace solutions and employee well-being strategies to lighting, colour and furnishings.

Our main goal is to make your ideas a reality with a full-service commercial interior design team, from office interior design to fit-out, build and furniture planning.
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We are happy to help..!

Get Professional Office Interior Design for Your Workplace.

We help with planning, design, project management, and construction.

Why choose Planning Interiors Limited to design your office ?

Tibu Health Wellness Clinic- Design by Planning Interiors Limited

Our Interior Designers are amongst the best in Africa, leading high-profile corporate office interior design projects for more than 35 years as a leading office design company, we only deliver work we’re proud of. 

Our experience in workplace interiors and dedication to our clients means every office interior design project is delivered professionally and to a high standard.

With a big focus on people, our office designs attract a highly talented workforce where employees are inspired to succeed.
We are based in Nairobi, Kenya and offer industry-leading office design services throughout the East African region.


Certified high-class specialists.

Experience & Skills

30 + years of Experience and skills

Customer Focus

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Workplace solutions for local and international corporates


Bank branches, showrooms, brand manuals

Chase bank Kenya -design by PIL

Hotels, serviced apartments, boutique hotels, lodges, luxury tented campsites


Restaurants, coffee shops, fast-food outlets

Sierra Burger & Wine in Westlands design by Planning Interiors Limited