Design in Details

Ikigai Nairobi is one of the most exciting co-working office environments in Nairobi. The design inspiration was to create a space that was zen, airy, eclectic, flexible, cutting edge and contemporary. This was achieved by using a mixture of furniture modules and items complimented by lots of plants and leaving the space with an industrial look & feel. This place is located at Merchant square, Riverside Drive. A #FlexibleOfficeSpace that prioritizes your well-being! The ability to harness that story through a compelling visual narrative can lead to a one-of-a-kind experience that stimulates collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Surrounding yourself with nature can do wonders for one’s mood and productivity. At Ikigai Nairobi, these beautiful and flexible shared workspaces, private offices, and meeting rooms surrounded by an abundance of greenery help keep you calm, focused, and productive!

Planning Interiors Limited
project type:
Project Management, Interior Design,
IKIGAI Nairobi
Biophilic, Innovative, Collaborative, Relaxing
Size of the project:
1400 M²
Completion date:
November , 2021