Remarkable 30-year Journey of Planning Interiors Limited – (The First Decade)

In 1993, Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) embarked on a significant move, transitioning from a residential house to occupying an entire floor at Nation Centre. This strategic decision was a bold statement, positioning NSE in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), accessible to stockbrokers and the public alike.
This move marked a crucial milestone in the professionalization of the Stock & Securities Exchange market in Kenya, following in the footsteps of the prominent Johannesburg Stock Exchange at that time.
The design concept embraced a professional and progressive approach, representing the organization’s futuristic vision.

The color scheme carefully drew inspiration from the NSE brand, symbolizing professionalism and progressiveness within the office space.
The reception area was designed to harmonize with the base building structure. Wood accents and a black color palette gracefully complemented the marble flooring, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement.

Esso’s office fit-out in 1991 marked a groundbreaking moment as it introduced the open-plan working concept. The office had a flatter corporate structure, and our team designed modular and easily reconfigurable workstations along with partitions.

To enhance flexibility, the entire office space featured a raised floor, allowing seamless cable management underneath. Enclosed offices were reserved for division heads, while the workstations were designed with panels and proper cable management to accommodate the emerging trend of computers in office spaces.

A notable aspect of this project was the emphasis on local materials, with detailed fabrication and a shift from hardwood to softwood. Furthermore, the fully air-conditioned office was designed to meet international standards, considering user comfort and efficiently managing the heat load generated by computers.

Pepsi Cola’s East African Office with Local Flair
This memorable project marked Eugene’s first endeavor at Planning Interiors, as Pepsi sought to establish its marketing office in East Africa. The objective was clear: to create a space that truly resonated with the local context of Kenya and the broader East African region.


Embracing a theme that celebrated its surroundings, the office design incorporated warm and inviting elements, with wood, specifically Mahogany, taking center stage.
The custom-designed rugs showcased captivating African motifs, while the coffee table drew inspiration from traditional African stools. Artworks, finishes, and patterns were carefully curated to evoke the beauty of African nature.

Stay tuned as we continue to push boundaries and shape the future of workplace design!

Featured Projects:
📌Nairobi Stock Exchange – Nation Centre (1993)
📌Esso Office – Mobil Plaza (1991)
📌Pepsi Cola EA Ltd – Lonrho House (1992)

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