I&M BAnk Head office design by Planning Interiors Limited

The best Interior Design Companies in Kenya

Planning Interiors Limited is the most established and one of the best interior design companies in Kenya. The company is based in Nairobi and has over 28 years of experience offering a complete range of Interior Design and Build services for Corporate, Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality projects throughout Kenya and  East Africa. 

The company has a good reputation for designing distinctive interior environments that enrich lives and deliver economic returns through innovative and functional design solutions that enhance brand value and business performance. 

We have worked with a wide range of clients throughout East Africa and bring a wealth of relevant experience to all of our projects. 

International Foundation Offices at Sanlam Towers, Westlands – Nairobi Kenya – Design & Build Work by Planning Interiors Limited.

Significance of being one of the best Interior Design companies in Kenya

As one of Africa’s most influential countries, Kenya is a vital commercial and financial regional hub, home to the regional headquarters of various major international companies and organizations.

Planning Interiors is bridging the gap between global expectations and East African identity as the interior design firm of choice in a region that promises to be the final domain for international business migration.

Many International companies are looking to set up offices in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. ( Eg, most recently Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc)

Being one of the best interior design companies in Kenya ensures Planning Interiors Limited is able to offer a complete range of Interior Design services for Corporates, Retail outlets, Bank branches, restaurants, and Hospitality projects throughout Kenya and East Africa.

What makes Planning Interiors Limited one of the best Interior Design companies in Kenya?

Planning Interiors Limited is a premier interior design company led by pioneers in the Interior Design industry. 

Taking the decision to fly solo in 1993, following 10 years of operations as a subsidiary of Planning Systems Services, the company’s evolution has comprised a diversity and expansion, not only of its service portfolio, but also of its sector clientele; planting the company in the perfect position to raise the bar for the industry in its native Kenya, and the surrounding region.

Our Managing Director Eugene Ngugi has been a shining light in the Kenyan interior design scene for years, leading the company’s rise to be one of the most established interior design companies in Kenya.

When you ask anyone in the know to name one of the best interior design companies in Kenya, Planning Interiors Limited will almost certainly be on top of the list.


To sample a wider range of our work visit our portfolio page 

What makes Planning Interiors Limited  the best interior design company in Kenya 

  1. Experience and relevant expertise in Interior Design Projects 

Planning Interiors Limited is a Kenyan Interior Design firm based in Nairobi with over 28 years of experience. We have worked with a wide range of clients throughout East Africa and bring a wealth of relevant experience to all of our projects. 

  1. Our team 

Our team is our biggest asset,  a healthy mixture of qualified senior and junior interior designers and graphic designers. They are supported by a team of project managers who specialize in interior fit-outs. 

They are backed by a competent technical and administrative support team. Our team of experts is always ready to guide and help our clients to realize their design goals.

Recent International Foundation office interiors Designed and Built by Planning Interiors Limited
  1. Innovation and Excellence 

For us, excellence is a habit. We keep on innovating and we continuously pursue excellence by keeping a pulse on the world of design trends & future workplaces.

  1. Collaborations and partnerships

We are the experts in Glocalization, designing international-standard offices for our international clients and giving them that local flair. We collaborate with other international design firms, implement their designs here in Kenya, and Project Manage the projects.

  1. Efficient Project Management 

We treat each project as a journey we travel together with our clients. We always ensure fast Turnarounds and efficient Project Management.

Our Services

Ikigai Nairobi Co-working space designed by Planning Interiors Limited
Ikigai Co-working Nairobi Riverside Nairobi, designed by Planning Interiors Limited


  1. Interior Design

Good interior design is the ability to tell our client’s stories through their interior environment.

We do this by creating a unique concept design for each client. We ensure all of our projects have a local context, we keep up to date on the latest design trends, and are experienced in collaborating with other design teams. 

  • Corporate Interior Design
  • Retail Interior Design
  • Restaurant Interior Design
  • Hospitality Interior Design 
  1. Project Management

Our project management team provides effective management of the project in terms of quality, efficiency, cost, schedule completion, and handover.

We can demonstrate experience in working with local contractors, suppliers, and workshops to ensure the right partners are engaged to realize the design intent.

House of Waine Hotel, Karen- Design and Furniture Procurement by Planning Interiors Limited


  1. Design and Build

Our turnkey service gives our clients the best of both worlds; world-class design with reliable fit-out services. 

We will deliver your project on brand, on time, and within budget. 

  1. Interior Branding ( Signage, Branding, Artworks & Accessories) 

The Signage & Branding, Artworks, and Accessories (SBAA) component of the interior design of any workplace is very significant as it helps in visualizing the brand into the environment, and ensures consistent brand visibility and messaging to the customers.

Planning Interiors Limited takes the time to understand your brand and offers expertise in brand-led interior design to bring out and visualize your brand into the interiors of your workplace, expanding the understanding and perception of your brand while generating pride from the staff.

Our SBAA service includes graphics development, signage scheme planning, designing brand manuals and guidelines, artwork, and accessories selection, and the implementation of the physical space.

We ensure that your brand stands out with purpose and consistency.

Nyama Mama Restaurant design by Planning Interiors Limited
Nyama Mama – a roadside restaurant in Nairobi designed by Planning Interiors Limited
  1. Business case preparation

We can assist with the preparation of a business case for your project by compiling the necessary preliminary information needed to get a project approved. 

  • Brief development 
  • Technical due diligence 
  • Preliminary designs and costs
  • Project planning
  1. Furniture Procurement & Sourcing

Our sister company, Frame Interior Solutions,  provides sourcing and procurement services for a wide range of interior products.

The range of products includes the following;

  • Furniture (corporate, contract, residential, outdoor).
  • Flooring (Flotex, carpet tiles, textile, LVT, linoleum, tiles).
  • Acoustic and soundproofing solutions.
  • Partitioning solutions.
  • Fabric, Rugs, and Wallcoverings.
  • Lighting solutions.
Frame Interior Solutions Website

Some of our recent Projects.

Private Law Firm

This leading African law firm engaged Planning Interiors to design their new head office in Nairobi, requesting interiors that were contemporary and appealed to both local and international clients.

The design focus was strictly on capturing the essence of materials, such as wood, stone, and glass, complemented by the client’s corporate colors.

Special consideration was given to the nature of the business and client privacy. The office floors were kept clean and simple with more well-appointed finishes in the client meeting suites on the ground floor and the client entertainment areas on the fourth and fifth floors.

Interior Designer – Planning Interiors Limited

Fit-out Contractors/ partner – Specialised Aluminum Renovators Limited

Project/ Cost Manager – Turner and Townsend 

Photography – Jerry Riley Photography 

Year of Completion- 2020


Coca-cola Nairobi Offices
Coca-cola Nairobi Offices designed by Planning Interiors Limited

Coca-Cola asked Planning Interiors to design their new regional office for Central, East, and West Africa. The office was to be state of the art with high levels of technology and audio-visual equipment, but at the same time was to have authentic design elements reflecting the different areas of the African continent that formed the work of this office. This was achieved with a vibrant artwork and accessories scheme featuring various Kenyan artists.

The main reception features subtle design elements that capture the classic Coca-Cola brand with local design elements, which was achieved in some of the light fittings and other decorative elements.

The office was to be entirely open plan with no private offices. Unassigned sit/stand workstations were provided throughout, and lockers were used to store personal belongings.

A wide variety of focus spaces including pods, huddle rooms, meeting rooms of various sizes, and a library were provided. Bold African prints were used as fabrics in breakout spaces, which worked as a divider between workstation clusters.

High levels of acoustic privacy were achieved by double-glazed partitions, carpet tiles, and suspended acoustical ceiling panels from OWA’s Sinfonia range. Fun features like work-cycle bikes were positioned in some meeting rooms allowing the user to work and cycle at the same time – in keeping with Coca-Cola’s commitment to health and well-being.


cellulant kenya office design reception
Cellulant Nairobi Office- Design and Build by Planning Interiors Limited

Cellulant is a young and rapidly growing African Fintech company. Their new home was to be a reflection of their young and vibrant brand, and the design brief was to create an environment that promoted collaboration, innovation, and openness that also focused on employee wellbeing.

Cellulant’s new office was a large space that had to accommodate their rapidly growing and agile workforce. However, their budget was limited so Planning Interiors Limited had to be creative with our design approach. They used a lot of locally available materials and collaborated with various workshops and artisans to achieve a local look and feel. Workstations were designed and custom-made locally but still had high levels of functionality and IT capabilities. Being a turnkey project, they were able to deliver this project through a very hands-on process.

The most striking area of the office is the reception which has a series of colorful timber slats emanating from the reception bench and dispersing to various parts of the office, which speaks to the design language of the project is “Connecting everyone, everything, every day” and being in line with their brand. There was a high level of detailing in the design to achieve some of the features such as the tables, workstations, lockers, and ceiling features. The end result is a very unique office that is unlike any other in the region, and a very happy team that loves coming to work.

Ikigai Nairobi Co-working

Ikigai Co-working Nairobi- designed by Planning Interiors Limited

A #FlexibleOfficeSpace that prioritizes your well-being!

Every space has a story.

The ability to harness that story through a compelling visual narrative can lead to a one-of-a-kind experience that stimulates collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

Surrounding yourself with nature can do wonders for one’s mood and productivity.

At Ikigai Nairobi, these beautiful and flexible shared workspaces, private offices, and meeting rooms surrounded by an abundance of greenery help keep you calm, focused, and productive

Mayfair Bank

Mayfair Bank interiors Designed by Planning Interiors Limited

Working closely with the client’s branding agency, Planning Interiors was involved with Mayfair Bank’s launch into the Kenyan market, starting with their head office in KAM House, Westlands.

The ground floor at KAM House features its first banking hall, so their brand needed to be adequately represented in this client-facing area. As their clients are of a high caliber, it was also important that the atmosphere reflected this, which we did using high-quality materials and Barcelona chairs.

Nyama Mama

Nyama Mama Restaurant design by Planning Interiors Limited
Nyama Mama Restaurant design by Planning Interiors Limited

Nyama Mama is an unpretentious, fun, modern-day African roadside diner that is to be a sought-after destination.

I&M Bank

The scope of work for the new I&M Bank Head Office on Limuru road was the interior design of 6 floors.

We began with a Workplace Audit of their current head office.

The design inspiration for the interiors of this iconic building was the FOLD; creases, pleats, curves, and patterns.

Project: I&M Bank Head Office on Limuru road

Interior Designer: Planning Interiors Limited

Year of completion: 2020

Sierra Brasserie 

Sierra Burger & Wine in Westlands design by Planning Interiors Limited

Having successfully completed their first Sierra Brasserie retail outlet at Yaya Centre in Nairobi, Planning Interiors was asked to create a new up-market restaurant that would specialize in pairing unique wines from boutique estates in South Africa with a range of gourmet burgers and tapas.

The restaurant was also to have a boutique wine-selling shop attached to it.

The design brief of the restaurant was for it to be a sophisticated, New York-style loft diner, which was achieved using exposed brickwork, wood, and leather.

Specialised Aluminum teamed up with Planning Interiors to execute the fit-out requirements. Finishing touches were achieved by using bold, abstract paintings, flower arrangements and white tableware.


Located at Riverside Drive in Nairobi city, The Open Society Initiative FOR EASTERN AFRICA ( OSIEA) Nairobi offices feature modern, sustainable, and lively workplace interiors.

In line with the client’s value of inclusivity, we created a new office that has a design language of homely, vibrant, innovative, diverse, Afrocentric, and sustainable.

Interior Designer: Planning Interiors Limited

Contractor: Specialized Aluminium Renovators Limited

MEP Engineer: Infraplus Limited

Quantity Surveyor: Cost Studio Limited

Furniture & Flooring Suppliers: Frame Interior Solutions, Fursys

More detailed case studies and projects done by Planning Interiors can be found on our portfolio page


Benefits of working with Planning Interiors Limited – the best Interior Design company in Kenya  

  1. We have a reputation for creating world-class interiors that enhance Brand value and business performance for our clients.
  2. We are experts in brand-led interior design and we have the capacity and experience to deliver projects as envisioned. We always deliver projects on-brand to ensure your brand stands out with a purpose in the workplace.
  3. We have worked with a wide range of clients throughout East Africa and bring a wealth of relevant experience to all of our projects. 
  4. We are the experts in Glocalization, and international-standards design for our international clients, we also collaborate with other international design firms, implement their designs here in Kenya, and Project Manage the projects.
  5. Turnkey (Design and Build) delivery of projects – we deliver projects efficiently by combining the planning, design, and construction functions together, and we project manage the projects for fast turnarounds, time, and cost savings.
ABL Nairobi offices- Design and Build by Planning Interiors Limited

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