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The Impact of Design on Mental Health well-being in the workplace

“The future of wellbeing at work will see organizations prioritizing the worker experience over current metrics such as occupant density or productivity. One manifestation of this is a corporate environment that is a warmer, inviting, homely space…” ~ Jonathan Hindle, Managing Director, KI Europe

‘People work well when they feel well…..Office designs that promote a relaxed atmosphere and collaborative approach will be increasingly important in helping promote a cultural shift and cultivate wellbeing in the workplace.’ ~ Ruth Phillips, Designer, Morgan

78% of the global workforce reported negative mental health impacts from the Covid pandemic. 76% believe companies should do more to help employees acclimatize post-COVID ~


Employees Are Ringing Mental Health Alarms

By Liem Le, Founder / CEO at Little Lion

Employees Are Ringing Mental Health Alarms (

Statistics have shown that organizations with well-being, health, and productivity programs perform better.

“Forget the old adage that there is no ‘I’ in team. Teams are made up of individuals. We need to design for multidisciplinary teamwork in a way that also gives the individual what they need to do their best work.”

~Gale Moutrey, Vice President, Workplace Innovations + Brand Communications

360 Degrees Magazine

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Designing for Staff Holistic Wellness

“Holistic wellness refers to an approach in life that focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and financial wellbeing of an individual”

~New Workplace rulebook — Is your company offering staff holistic wellness?

Wed, Oct 12th, 2022

Wangu Kanuri,

Business Daily Africa

“A good job and a healthy mind are not mutually exclusive”


Designing for Social Wellness

Designing for Intellectual Wellness

Designing for Emotional Wellness

Designing for Spiritual Wellness

Designing for Physical Wellness

Designing for Environmental Wellness

Key benefits of Designing for Staff Holistic Wellness

1. Happier, and more motivated staff

2. Increased productivity and effectiveness

3. Healthier and safer workspaces

4. Stronger Brand loyalty; both internally and externally

5. Increased work output and revenue growth.

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