Importance of Signage and Branding in Workplace Interior Design

The Signage & Branding, Artworks, and Accessories (SBAA) component of the interior design of any workplace is very significant as it helps in visualizing the brand into the environment, and ensures consistent brand visibility and messaging to the customers.

PIL -Signage & Branding, Artworks, Accessories

SBAA also helps in the wayfinding and labeling of different areas within the space, brings customization and localization of the space to fit the users, and speaks to the values and identity of the client.

Private Law Firm- Signage & Branding

Planning Interiors Limited takes the time to understand your brand and offers expertise in brand-led interior design to bring out and visualize your brand into the interiors of your workplace, expanding the understanding and perception of your brand while generating pride from the staff.

Cocacola Kenya Head offices
UNHCR Signage & Branding
Cellulant Corporation – Signage & Branding
Cellulant Corporation – Signage & Branding

Our SBAA service includes graphics development, signage scheme planning, designing of brand manuals and guidelines, artworks, and accessories selection to the implementation to the physical space.

We ensure that your brand stands out with purpose and consistency.

Chase Bank – Signage & Branding

Below are a number of SBAA portfolios and how Planning Interiors Limited has partnered with our clients to extend the visual identity of their brand into the physical environment of their workplace.

Private Law firm in Nairobi – Signage & Branding
BAT – Signage & Branding
BAT – Signage & Branding
General Electric – Signage & Branding
Black Gold Investments – Signage & Branding
Concept Development – Signage & Branding
Concept Development – Signage & Branding

Email us at with the heading SBAA and we shall help you achieve a Brand-led Design that will ensure your brand identity is extended into the physical interior spaces of your workplace- while generating internal pride.

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